Changing industries. Changing lives.

We are solution-oriented and innovative, sustainable and ethical, global and diverse, trusted and collaborative. Our textile products lead the industry with high quality and a long heritage, and an impact everywhere you look.

Depth and breadth
that’s unexpected

You don’t have to look hard to find our textile solutions and distinguished threads and fabrics. We’re in your car, the clothes you wear, the gear you carry, the office where you work - even the seams of a baseball. Our brands and products are everywhere you’d expect and some places you might not.

Live, work, play,
on a higher level

Innovative design. Strength. Reliability. Sustainability. It’s not too much to ask for everything from a collection of companies with centuries of collective textile leadership and innovation. From premium stretch-technology in denim to next-generation solutions that regulate temperature, protect from the sun, and repel water, stains, and insects, we’re redefining the world of textiles on every level.

Providing vital
layers of protection

As a global leader in research and development, Elevate Textiles brings capabilities that create both the opportunities and technologies that bring vital layers of protection to people and environments—from operating rooms to cleanrooms—where the highest standards are a must.

Performance, reliability
when it counts most

When lives are at stake, our high-performance textiles with superior mobility, protection, and durability make a critical difference to military and first responders – helping to keep them out of harm’s way.