Taking textiles to
a whole new level

We are a newly formed collection of top textile companies and brands providing comprehensive, global product solutions across many diverse industries focused on innovation, sustainability, and heritage craftsmanship.

From products that make life safer or simply better, from distinguished fabric brands to thread solutions for automotive, apparel, interior furnishing, and specialty products, we anticipate and create so our customers always stay ahead of not only what’s next, but what’s beyond next.

Elevate Textiles
at a glance

25,000 Customers

100 Countries

6 Continents


A fascinating thread
to everything we do

A&E® is the world’s foremost manufacturer and distributor of premium quality industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread and technical textiles. Producers of apparel, automotive components, home furnishings, medical supplies, footwear and a diverse range of industrial products, rely on A&E industrial sewing thread to manufacture their products.


What can our fabric do for you?

Burlington® is a global, diversified provider of high-style, high-performance solutions for leading brands of casual, lifestyle, and active apparel, as well as tailored, uniform, military, medical/cleanroom, contract fabrics, and technical products. With close to a century of industry leadership, Burlington is driven by continuous improvement and innovation, social responsibility and the development of sustainable, next-generation textile technology and fabrics.


Denim that continues
to inspire the world

Cone Denim® is a worldwide leader in denim innovation. For more than 125 years, Cone’s unparalleled expertise and advanced capabilities have serviced and inspired the global market. Cone Denim promotes sustainable practices in both its operations and development of new denims with manufacturing capabilities in Mexico and China, alongside a team of sales, product, and merchandising professionals.


A reputation for thread
that circles the globe

A&E Gütermann has been making quality thread products for more than 275 years. Servicing both the industrial and commercial sectors, A&E Gütermann works closely with its customers and is regarded throughout the textile industry as one of the world’s premier thread manufacturers.


Cutting-edge solutions
that protect and serve

Safety Components is a global market leader in technology-driven fabric solutions and other high-performance textiles for first responders, military, outdoor, marine, and automotive use. Manufacturing textile fabrics for more than 100 years at its plant in Greenville, SC, Safety Components’ primary focus has been in the design and production of cutting-edge fabrics of the highest quality and strength available.

Burlington Contract Fabrics

Burlington Contract Fabrics


Employing a wide range of capabilities in yarn texturing, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, we design, develop, and produce fabrics that combine great aesthetics, great performance, and excellent quality.

Cone Denim

Cone Denim


From performance fabrics and superior S Gene® technology to vintage re-creations of our Cone Deeptone Denim™, we offer unique collections of performance, stretch, selvage, and natural indigo denims.

A&E Sewing Thread

A&E Sewing Thread


Available in a wide range of color possibilities, A&E thread can be found in footwear applications.

Burlington Smarterwear

Burlington Smarterwear


This is not your grandfather's polyester. Multi-function, high-tech fabrics designed to keep up with the new generation. Wrinkle-free comfort is the new black.

Where in the world is
Elevate Textiles?

From the shirts you wear, to the cars you drive, Elevate Textiles is there in every situation. Where will you find us?

Burlington Raeford

Burlington Raeford Uniform


Partnering with manufacturers and agencies across the nation with one idea in mind, serving the men and women of the public safety community. Our products allow their wearers the confidence to be their best with unmatched comfort, durability and appearance.

Safety Components

Safety Components


Safety Components is a global market leader in technology driven fabric solutions for first responders, military, outdoor, and other high performance textiles.

A&E Sewing Thread

A&E Sewing Thread


A&E threads using Nomex® provide seam integrity and long or short term heat or flame resistance used in protective clothing.